We distinguish between 2 types of User Interfaces, which are frequently programmed by our teams :

  • Human Machine Interfaces

  • SCADA Systems

Human Machine Interfaces :

We are able to act with every kind of HMI, specially with those of the major actors on the market, both old and new lines.

  • Every kind of TP/TD/OP

  • TIA-Portal

  • WinCC Flexible

  • Coros

  • Every kind of Panel View

  • FT-View

  • Every kind of Magelis

  • Every kind of XBT

  • Vijéo Citect

  • XBTL

We can also develop with other equipments, such as :

SCADA Systems :

Our teams can program with different systems, but nevertheless, we have a great experience with 2 of them, as evidenced by these logos :

The other systems commonly used are :

We are able able to propose and work with all types of computer architectures, both single-user or distributed station types and with redundant server clusters.